Thanks for watching our short film Imagine. 

Here’s what we covered.

  1. Visualize. Visualize your art, before you take a photograph, draw, write or envision your next entrepreneurial move. Watch it and then go out and visualize your next work of art.
  2. Use it. No matter how old you are, you never lose your ability to imagine, you just need to use it! Just get out there and put your creativity to use every single day:  Shoot with your iPhone, draw in your notebook, cook a great meal. What ever art form you love, use your imagination.  Hint: Remember living life can be an art too.
  3. Notebooks.  Track your creative sparks with a notebook. In our digital age, often notebooks are forgotten, but don’t neglect to use them!  Michelangelo, DaVinci, Mark Twain, all kept note books and so should you.  Track creative your sparks!
  4. Get inspired. Find inspiration in others’ works.  Go to that exhibit, concert or dive into books!   Soak in the works of others.The original mad man, George Lois who made MTV, Tommy Hilfiger and many others household names said:

    “To constantly inspire breakthrough conceptual thinking, I go to the Metropolitan Museum of art, religiously, every Sunday.” Amen.

  5. Push. Push yourself to use your imagination.  Ignore the naysayers — which can come from almost anywhere, even your own head!  Especially watch for a “friend” whose last creative skill was clicking a channel changer, but sure can dish out “constructive” criticism (what an oxymoron. Professionals write notes about suggested changes, these can then be taken as advice or not by the artist, who must always keep his or her own counsel– remember it’s your art and you’re fully responsible for it.)
  6. Free. Your ability to imagine is free — use it and free yourself. Who doesn’t feel better when they have created in any art form?  Don’t hold back!

I wish you all the best in recapturing or expanding your imagination.